Fitting a Solar Panel & Roof Vent

Watch our YouTube video here: EP.2 Fitting Solar Panel & Roof vent for ABSOLUTE beginners ǀ LT31 Van Conversion

Living in a van doesn’t necessarily mean dropping all your luxuries.

Sam certainly did not skimp out on our solar set up! We wanted to be able to charge a phone, laptop or camera whenever we needed, and occasionally power our fridge. But since using this solar set up we have come to realise it is capable of much bigger things … like powering the sound system of the acoustic stage at our festival! (Free Harmony Festival).


Our Solar Set-Up:
210W Solar Panel and solar wires
40A MPPT Charge Controller
120AH Sealed Marine Leisure Battery
1000W Inverter

Then we made sure we bought 12V Lights, Fridge, Tap, etc to use in the van.

Quick set up guide:
– Mount the Solar Panel on the roof.
– Label the Solar Wires positive and negative (VERY IMPORTANT – we made this mistake so you don’t have too!).
– Drill a hole in the roof for the wires to slots through. Put a grommet on the attachment and seal so no water can get through.
– Run the inside wires to where you want you solar set up to live inside the van.
– The Solar Wires plug into the Charge Controller (which is mounted on the wall somewhere safe and easy to access).
– Charge Controller links to the Leisure Battery.
– Which links to the Inverter. Make sure you put a heavy duty fuse between the positive terminal of the Inverter and the Battery.

Message us if you would like more details on this part!

Our wires running through a hose pipe to the solar set up – this will be hidden behind the insulation and wood when we add the walls!


The roof vent was super easy to fit. Just cut a hole in the roof with a Jigsaw to fit the vent, slot it in place and seal it – literally as simple as that!


Watch our YouTube video here: EP.2 Fitting Solar Panel & Roof vent for ABSOLUTE beginnersǀLT31 Van Conversion


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