Our big scare!

What a roller-coaster! On the 26th September 2017, we had a wonderful day. Hung out with some friends, delivered my first Betty’s Bakes to a friend who’s birthday it was, Sam busked in Bath, I massaged in Bristol. We decided to wind down in the evening at Clifton Downs. Where a good friend came up to visit us and Betty. Sam got his speaker out and we had a little boogie outside. It was a beautiful evening.


Around 11pm, we said goodbye to our friend and settled down to sleep. Unfortunately, we were woken up by an almighty bang and the whole van shaking at 2am. We were both shaking and crying, trying to work out what was going on. Sam looked out the front window and noticed the wing mirror was off. So we headed outside.

Not only had someone knocked the wing mirror off, but the front bumper was in half and on the floor, right side indicator and hubcap smashed and there was a huge dent in the drivers side door. And no one in sight!

We immediately called the police but there was nothing they could do without us seeing the car and getting a registration number. So we began packing away the pieces of debris  that were spread across the road.

An eye witness, came over to help us out. And although he didn’t see the crash itself he heard the bang and saw what he thought was a Land Rover quickly turn off their car lights and fled from the scene across the grass near the view point at the Clifton Downs. Not only have they run from the scene of a crime, they’ve darted across the unlit grass where they easily could’ve hurt another person or animals. To me, this means they were up to no good – perhaps drunk, stolen car, or just crashing cars for fun, who knows! But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did more damage that evening.

We would love to find them, and fix Betty back up. We had just finished our 4 month van conversion and were prepping for our travels – we were planning to drive to Europe in under 2 weeks time! We are now wasting time and money on looking for a new door and bumper!

We have given a statement to the police, but without their registration number and no CCTV in the area, it will be unlikely we find them. So we are just trying to sort Betty and move on from this, without letting it scare us and ruin our plans. This is harder than anticipated!

A little note to all you van-goers – we’ve learnt so you don’t have to!
Watch where you park. If it means driving 20 minutes extra, do it. If it means paying a little, do it!
Unfortunately, we have to share the road with some idiots, so just be careful. 



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