The Final Touches!

Watch our YouTube video here: Ep. 5 The Final Touches| LT31 Van Conversion

After venturing down south, along the coast of Devon and Cornwall, we began to notice a few missing parts to Betty Blue’s interior. Nothing major, just added extras that would make living in her easier and slightly more luxury.

So we parked her up, put our glad rags on and got back to work!

IMG_3799We built shelves for our clothes and shoes in the right hand side of the under bed storage. So it was accessible from inside the van, and there was still a passage through to the boot on the left.

We gave her a lick of paint on the kitchen, bench and clothes cupboard – as she is Betty Blue after all!

We also put vinyl on the floor, which was one of the best moves we made – it means no stains on the floor, and looks and feels wonderful!

Finally, we treated Betty to a paint job on the outside. We did this ourselves with vehicle spray paint. Which took some serious patience, as we had to make sure we covered every part that we didn’t want painted in masking tape and newspaper. But this was the cheapest way, and looks really impressive now its all done! We’ve even covered the back windows (that we filled in) with blackboard paint so we can advertise whilst we are on the move!

And now she’s looking beautiful! 


Home Sweet Home
Betty’s Herb Garden!

Watch our YouTube video here: Ep.5 The Final Touches| LT31 Van Conversion


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