Europe Ready!

Here she is! The glamorous Little Betty Blue, with her pretty retro new door! 

The past few weeks has been a whirlwind. After the crash it seemed everything was going wrong. But somehow we’ve managed to turn this around. New door, wing-mirror, bumper, new insurance, fresh MOT, bike rack fitted, spare wheel in the boot, fresh herbs growing on the window sill, everything we could possibly need for the adventure of a life time.

And finally, the time has come! We are ready!!

We are taking the next couple of months as a hibernation, just as the animals do ready to spring back into life in the new year. A time to reconnect with ourselves and each other, and let our creativity flow, so we can make the best Free Harmony, Music and life for ourselves that we possibly can.

We will be driving around Europe in our beautiful van, so if you’re out there tag along, or if there’s anywhere you recommend visiting please let us know.

Sending love to all our wonderful friends and family who have been so supportive and helpful through the van conversion and all our other crazy ideas! Here’s to the future.

Keep posted for blog updates, pretty pictures and videos of our trip! 


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