Exploring England

In August 2017 we took our first proper trip in Betty Blue. We packed up and headed down the west coast of Cornwall for 3 weeks; giving us a chance to fully experience our creation, and work on any parts that needed adapting.

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You could say we had a bit of a slow start! We managed to get as far as Glastonbury before breaking down … well running out of Diesel. Which we now know that Betty doesn’t cope well with. Luckily we were only 100 metres from a petrol station and a lovely RAC man came to our rescue. He was even kind enough to follow us on part of our travels to check we were OK. What a ledge!
There were also some physical obstacles on our journey, like fallen down branches which were pretty tricky to move!

We were gifted a wonderful book before our travels called Secret Beaches: Southwest England, which we let lead the way. How exciting, turning up to a random car park, following the notes of someone who had previously walked this walk, to land on an isolated beach with so much beauty.

So many people proposed us the question of ‘Where will you shower?’ … Here’s our answer!

And here’s what our rainy days consisted of … getting cosy!

And best of all … hanging out with friends!


England is beautiful.


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