Lessons from the road


  1. Goodbyes are hard, but they make you realise how loved you are.
  2. Appreciate every place you go, life is about the journey not the destination. Take in the beauty all around, it’s always there!
  3. Always be in the moment. It’s easy to trail off and get lost in your own head. Listen to the people, animals and places all around – there’s a lot to learn.
  4. Society teaches us to live for the weekend/ future, to save … what for? Retirement? Future generations? What about now … live out your dreams!
  5. Get out on the water. Take a stroll by the sea, sit beside a stream, float down a river, embody the relaxation it brings.
  6. Renewable energy is the future … but make sure you have more than 1 type. When the winter hits, there is a lot less sunlight and so solar energy is pretty pointless! Cater for every kind of weather.
  7. Share your wealth. Whether it’s money, love or a talent/ skill, it’s better and more fun shared.
  8. Cherish the simple things (Paolo Nutini quote). Do less and relax more, enjoying the little things like the sun, food or a friend.
  9. Keep nimble. Swim, jog, walk, cycle, stretch. Gentle warm up exercises each morning prepare you for the day. This lesson was inspired by an extremely fit and healthy elderly man in Italy. It was 8am on the beach of Riva Del Sol and he was jogging up and down the beach, then stripped off and ran into the sea! After a little swim, he was on the sand doing his exercises – arm circles, leg swings, pike fold, high knees, there was tonnes … this was obviously a daily routine. DSC00573
  10. Always go to the beach prepared … with your swim stuff! And get some sea shoes because there’s some dangerous little creatures out there. I unfortunately had an encounter with a Black Sea Urchin (google it and you will realise how scary they are!). I stood on its spikes, and we are still to this day trying to pull them out of my foot!
  11. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave.
  12. Plan your route and research it. We had a bit of a situation in Samobor in Croatia. We set the sat nav to a national park, but it literally took us right in to the gorge, on tiny bumpy tracks, with huge drops either side. It was terrifying! And after 30 minutes of driving around, the darkness quickly nearing and Betty running low on fuel so we decided to get out of there … harder than we thought. But we did get to meet this little bundle of joy, so it was totally worth it!DSC00743
  13. Look at and write reviews, and speak to the locals … that’s where you find the hidden gems! Like a beautiful, rustic restaurant we found on the outskirts of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and a small flat bread bar in the centre of Vienna, hidden on the small back streets!
  14. A litre is most definitely bigger than a pint … Oops!24172857_1738993976408309_2942455149992092956_o
  15. Last but definitely not least … live up to your stereotype. Ours for this trip was the saying ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen’!

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