A little bit about us …


We are two young dreamers. And after 20 odd years in education, we came to the conclusion that we didn’t really want standard full time jobs, or a standard house and mortgage. We wanted to live, to follow our dreams!

We wanted to explore, follow the sun, learn, live, laugh. But all of this is pretty impossible when you’re working 5 days a week to pay for a house you’re rarely at. Fortunately, we stumbled upon Little Betty Blue when out on a walk in Bristol. At the time we were simply being nosy and peaking through the window! Lucky for us, the owner came out and asked if we wanted to buy it! After some discussion of how this was going to work, and a list of pros and cons, we brought her!

We didn’t really question it and weren’t worried about the how’s and the why’s, like others seemed to be. We were just living in the now and letting life guide. So this seemed like the right move.

We have no real experience in carpentry, mechanics, electrics, plumbing or anything else of that nature! So this has been a real chance for us to learn and experiment with each stage of the van conversion. There has certainly been ups and downs, planning and re-planning, and we are constantly adding and adjusting things along the way. But we have managed to create a beautiful, homely space!

And now is our time to share this with you. We have been documenting throughout the whole conversion process, to prove to you that two complete rookies can do it!